Luxury villa for sale

luxury villa for sale

Luxury Villas for sale in Benalmadena/Malaga. The luxury villas have a perfect location: just 3 minutes from Benalmádena, 12 minutes from the Malaga International Airport and 20 minutes from Marbella and just 5 minutes from the beach. You can choose villas from 3 to 5 bedrooms with a living plot between 292 and 327 sqm. All the luxury villas have modern kitchens fitted with German appliances, finished in high-end materials.

For more information, contact us at Or click here for more photos and contact details.

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2 Responses to “Luxury villa for sale”

  1. Real Estate Says:

    hi sir,

    One of the simplest, most used and least meaningful comparisons between different properties is the price per square foot. Simply divide the price by the number of square feet for each property to arrive at the price per square foot, and compare the numbers. It’s simple enough to do, which is probably why it’s done so commonly. But what does it actually mean?

    Most of the primary factors that determine a property’s value have nothing to do with square feet. The property’s location, view, quality of construction, age, stylishness and finish materials, scarcity, availability of utilities, landscaping and many other vital factors have nothing to do with square feet. The lot upon which a house is constructed has nothing to do with the square feet of the house.

    Frequently, buyers who have been comparing properties online will call their agent with a list of properties that look like the best deals based on their prices per square foot. After visiting the properties they are frustrated because all of the good deals they thought they had found, have significant drawbacks. They’re located right under high voltage power lines, or they’re backed up right against a noisy freeway, or they’re in serious disrepair, or any combination of these and/or numerous other factors.

    Sometimes sellers who want to sell their properties without using a real estate agent will ask an agent what the going price per square foot is in their area, or for their type of property, hoping for a simple way to set the right price without having to understand how the right price is really established, or having someone do the work of figuring it out with an expectation of being compensated. If it were that simple, the right price would be obvious from the recent sales of other properties in the area, and the seller wouldn’t even need to ask.

    Real estate values are related to features, characteristics, amenities, conditions, uses and the like. These factors are not all black and white, many of them are highly subjective and require keen intuition to assess and translate to market value. Getting it right is science and art, and getting it wrong is costly. Square feet are the expression of only one characteristic, size, among many that are of equal or greater importance. Accurate pricing requires skilled consideration of all of the important factors.

  2. Nate in Paradise Valley Says:

    Just came across these villas..these are amazing and I definitely want to visit. Great photos.

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